Advanced analytics to better mitigate risks

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Risk assessment enriched with personality and behaviours

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Richer data for deeper customer understanding and conversion

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AdviceRobo is specialist in innovative credit scoring and risk mitigation. The essence is in combining traditional and alternative data in AI driven psychographic and behavioural risk management. Results: smart customer conversion, drop in operational costs, reduction of financial risks

Discover our risk management solutions for the digital era

In short

  • Advanced analytics including neural networking and reinforced learning

  • Richer data including psychographics and customer touchpoint behaviour

  • Financial risk assessments automated and bespoke

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Your benefits

  • Smart customer conversion 15% increase

  • Operational costs 15% drop

  • Reduction of financial risks 20% reduction in defaults

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The best fit for you

  • Automated credit scoring

  • Richer data sets

  • Custom integration in credit decisioning

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