Apply open data and AI to create true personal customer experiences

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Partner with the pioneer of AI, open data and psychometrics

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Create customer value and mitigate risk with AI and Open Banking data

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Power a more accurate decision making with Open Banking Data

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Future-proof your business with a 360-degree financial profile of your customers

With AdviceRobo’s AI decision engine for Marketing and Risk, since 2013
AdviceRobo’s offers the unique opportunity to combine affordability, personality and digital identity into a dynamic customer  profile & score

Benefits are:

  1. Reduction of  the error in credit decisions
  2. Reduction of portfolio risk
  3. Safe onboarding of underserved customers
  4. Financial inclusion of unbanked groups in developing markets

Our solution is complete, flexible and can be customised to specific target groups and needs.

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We support the goals “No poverty” and “Good Health and Well-being” of the United Nations agenda 2030 for sustainable Development

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