AdviceRobo’s mission is to advance financial wellness by reinforcing positive financial behavioural change and facilitate access to finance for the next generations.


Financial circumstances are an important aspect of the quality of life. Research has shown over and over again that feeling financially insecure can lead to chronic stress. It is important that people are having control of their spending today, of the ability to bounce back from unexpected expenses, having the financial freedom to enjoy life and feeling like they’re on track to meet their long-term goals. If people are insecure it may lead to chronic stress that can cause heart attacks, anxiety and depression, diabetes, cancer, eating disorders, weight issues etc.

Better financial health for more people will lead to less stress and less resulting diseases.

Let’s make the globe healthier!


Diederick Van Thiel

Diederick is co-founder and CEO of AdviceRobo. Since 2009, Diederick has been a renowned name in the fintech industry, selling his startup – eyeOpen to Aegon in 2013. He holds positions of influence as the Non-exec Director of Ikano Bank, and formerly on the board of ING and KPN Mobile. Diederick has been recognised as Fintech CEO of The Year by CEO Monthly Magazine.

Rosali Steenkamer

Rosali Steenkamer is co-founder and CCO of AdviceRobo. She also founded eyeOpen, worlds’ first online mortgage advise platform that was sold to Aegon/ Transamerica in 2013. Rosali developed her entrepreneurial skills as co-founder and COO of eyeOpen. Before she has held board positions at Alex Beleggersbank (CCO), American Express (CMO Benelux) and worked for many financial institutions such as ING.

Our eco system


All services are delivered globally via the AR platform. This platform collects all (anonymised) customer data, calculates risk scores and customer profiles and delivers this back to our clients. All data and delivery are connected through API’s.

Data is stored in an Azure MySQL database. This database is only accessible from a set of whitelisted ip addresses. GDPR proof.

 The platform has a maintainability score of a solid 4,1 stars out of 5 measured by SIG (www.sig.eu)  The SIG approach and methodology is fact based. The approach is based on ISO IEC 25010 for good software development. Her benchmarking is certified by TÜViT ISO IEC 17025 and calibrated yearly.


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