Financial health

Financial problems have a severe impact on life and can lead to stress and other diseases. Due to the Corona pandemic more people than ever are struggling to make ends meet. Lenders face an increasing default rate on credit products and are looking for ways to mitigate these risks and at the same time help their customers to become and stay financially healthy. But how to measure financial health and know which customers to focus on?

AdviceRobo quantifies financial health per customer. This is the perfect basis to target the right customers and personalize financial health campaigns.

Our promise

  • Smart Quantified financial health score

  • Secure Compliant with data protection rules

  • Trusted By clients all over the world

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The best for you

  • The newest technology Artificial Intelligence and ML

  • Proven results Academic based and proven with clients

  • Loyal clients From incumbent banks to micro-credit platforms

More on the company

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