Selected for PLUGandPLAY batch 11 in Munich

AdviceRobo is proud to announce that we have been selected to join the prestigious PLUGandPLAY Insurtech Europe Batch 11! Out of 500+ applicants, we’re one of the 15 startups embarking on this exciting three-month programme.  Looking forward to learn and to collaborate with the PLUGandPLAY corporate partners, other startups as well as PLUGandPLAY.

Press Release
New collaboration in Turkey with N Kolay

Within the scope of  innovative cooperation the Turkish N Kolay,  part of Aktif Bank, started working with AdviceRobo. N Kolay will offer loans to their customers who do not have sufficient credit evaluation data and will doing so by using the AdviceRobo’s new generation psychometric scoring method in lending.

Unlocking Underwriting Potential: The Power of Data-Driven Transformation

Underwriting transformation is rocketing ahead, leaving traditional methods in the dust. We’ve journeyed from manual to automated, to the blazing world of real-time data, and now to continuous underwriting powered by predictive analytics and personal data. This isn’t an opportunity; it’s a goldmine! Don’t miss out on the future of underwriting and read this blog. Let’s ignite change together!

Unlocking embedded finance: dynamic data and AI leading the way

This blog delves into the realm of embedded finance, where dynamic data, AI, and generative AI converge to reshape the financial landscape. With the market expanding at a rapid pace, the integration of financial services into non-financial platforms is set to become increasingly prevalent. This blog aims to equip you with insights about data-driven capabilities needed to seize these remarkable opportunities.

Harnessing The Power of AI: Navigating Macro-Economic Instability

In this blog post, our chairman addresses the recent concerns surrounding GPT-4 and the call from industry and science leaders to pause AI development. However, he takes a different stance, advocating for the strategic utilization of AI to empower companies to excel amidst this uncertain macro-economic climate. Read this insightful exploration of how AI can become a powerful ally in building outperforming companies.

War of the Titans: Tech Banks Lock Horns in the Battle for Customers through Open Banking

This is the second blog in the new series by Diederick van Thiel on Finextra. It addresses the learnings the lessons from tech Banks when it comes to leveraging the opportunities from Open Banking.

Urgently Resetting Banks’ Growth Strategy in the Current Climate

The current banking climate is facing a lot of changes and challenges that banks need to address urgently. Diederick van Thiel, founder and CEO of AdviceRobo, starts a series of blogs to share his vision on how banks can concentrate on constructing resilience while establishing novel sustainable growth engines. This is essential to remain competitive and successful in the ever-changing banking industry. This is the first blog.

Press Release
AdviceRobo and Channel announce a global strategic partnership

According to the World Bank only half of SMEs globally have access to banking services and use formal credit to fund their investments. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic made access to finance even more difficult as traditional credit information became meaningless for SME credit decisioning. The solution is to automate the risk decisioning and apply big data (traditional and alternative) and AI for faster, hassle-free, and better-informed credit decisioning. AdviceRobo has announced a global strategic partnership with Channel Digital Holdings (Channel) to accelerate the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within Channel’s decision-making engine to support the capital needs of SMEs. Read more here.

Improve Venture Capital investment return with 40%

AdviceRobo is moving its AI platform from credit decision making to the startup investment decision making market too.

The flood of new start-ups combined with the unstable macro-economic environment makes it increasingly difficult and expensive to decide in which business to invest or not. Traditional manual processes and expert decision making become obsolete. AI and data tech are transforming early-stage venture capital investments. Large VC’s will develop their own strategies and technology. For the smaller VC’s AdviceRobo is developing a ready solution. Interested to participate in this new initiative for startup investment decision making? Let us know at or book a call to discuss your needs and ideas at book agenda

The embedded finance transformation: Think big, think smart, …

Decisions for improving the company’s customer experience and profitability are often linked to the use of platforms. Executing this right is a challenge.

Read about it in the Finextra post by Diederick van Thiel. He says that business leaders that are successfully transforming their firms towards eco-system platforms understand the power of AI and data to deliver cool customer experiences. They improve their company’s profitability.

Think big, think smart, be bold and do it!

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