Thrilled to be selected in the DIA Top 250

The DIA Community has selected AdviceRobo in DIA Top 250: the 250 most impressive, inspiring and impactful insurtechs. Check the full Top 250.

Digital Insurance Agenda – DIA – is an initiative of Reggy de Feniks and Roger Peverelli.

Game-changers: Harnessing the power of alternative data

During the weekend of 11th and 12th December 2021, an ultimate high performance battle took place in Formula One in Abu Dhabi.  A high performance battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fuelled by smart big data driven team strategies.  A high performance battle that also serves as a brilliant metaphor for the race in many markets like banking, insurances, telecom and retail. Also their performance will be fuelled by big data and smart data strategies. Read further in this blog by Diederick van Thiel, CEO of AdviceRobo.

Sustainable game changers with balls

The risk of green-washing becomes high these days as sustainability has become a hype. The definition of good leadership therefore changes. That is, if we want to build profitable and purposeful businesses. In Diederick’s newest blog he zooms in on new leadership that succeeded in combining profit and purpose in their businesses and provides some inspiring examples of it.

Game changers for SME Lending

Covid-19 has brought the “S” in ESG into the spotlight, and the “middle child” of ESG is now front of mind for governments, consumers, and investors. Financial inclusion, in particular, has been increasingly championed over the past year as a way to improve people’s livelihoods, reduce poverty, and advance economic development in the aftermath of the pandemic. Therefore, this blog of our CEO Diederick van Thiel is about the “S”. It’s about the SME finance gap which has been increased by COVID-19  and it provides insights and strategies for next gen lenders to close this SME finance gap.

Game Changers for NextGen Banking

NextGen customer needs are transforming banking at high speed! Digitalization is no longer a novelty in the financial services sector as technological disruption, stiff competition from fintech challengers and the Coronavirus have forced industry incumbents to modernize or fall behind.
Purpose and personal are game changers in our business models now. Read how banks can win this game in the blog by Diederick van Thiel.

Unisys announces platform with AdviceRobo as one of its partners

Unisys in Japan announced that it will launch a Financial services platform in Japan to promote financial inclusion. AdviceRobo will be one of their partners, being the provider of the credit risk assessments and decisioning.  This initiative of Unisys is part of Financial Foresight Lab.

Eat or be eaten: this is the Post-Covid Champion in Banking!

And the winner is…

Read the final post by Diederick van Thiel, CEO of AdviceRobo (30 November 2020).

2020 Dutch Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100

Honoured to be elected in 2020 Dutch Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100.

Selected on impact on society, turnover, originality, and growth potential. Great to be recognised as one of the most promising and innovative companies in The Netherlands (26 November 2020).

[UPDATE] Vote AdviceRobo to be the champion in 2020 Dutch Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100  (7 December 2020)


Winning banks break through the Big Tech Nash equilibrium

Financial institutions have to adapt their innovation strategies fast now as disruptive innovations from smart tech players come to the financial markets, says Diederick van Thiel in his latest Finextra post “Win or lose? Winning banks break through the Big Tech Nash equilibrium

The post COVID war has started

The leading group of digital banks is at war with Big Tech and Fintech in the battle on customer engagement. The customer decides who will win.

Read all about this post COVID war. It has started already, says Diederick van Thiel, CEO of AdviceRobo (27 October 2020).

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