Digital Psychographic Credit Scoring

The smart way to convert more applicants

Lenders face the extremely difficult challenge to assess creditworthiness of applicants. In times of financial crises they need richer data on the personality and behaviour of their applicants. Using AdviceRobo’s automated engine enables lenders to enrich their credit assessments with psychographic profiles, PSD-2 transactional and other biometric data. It’s the very easy way to make credit decisioning smarter.

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Better credit assessments and higher conversions

Ideal for lenders, this engine is the next generation of credit assessments to improve your credit decisioning.

Benefit from richer data with our 3 components:

More on the data that gives you that completer picture

Our engine is a richer and fairer way of looking at creditworthiness

It will increase the conversion throughout the onboarding process, reduce operational costs and marketing expenditure whilst managing and controlling the risk levels. The solutions are fully automated to deliver the data as input for your decisioning.

AdviceRobo can also assist with data integration and modelling.

CreditRobo questionnaire

CreditRobo measures the psychographic credit score of an applicant through an online questionnaire. The questionnaire is a completely white label JS plug in and can be easily installed and fully branded by the Lender in his onboarding process.

The CreditRobo questionnaire is currently available in English, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Italian, French, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Sinhalese, Bengali, Ukrainian, Georgian, Romanian and Filipino (Tagalog).

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CreditRobo comes with an online dashboard 24/7 that shows the results of the psychographic scoring of each of your applicants.

Check this short video on the features hat will give deeper insights in your applicants’ psychographic score and their profile.


  • Psychograhic credit profiles and scoring

  • For lenders

  • Richer data for better credit decisions

  • Behavoural data and analyses

  • Easy implementation

  • Available in >15 languages

  • A completer and fairer way tot assess creditworthiness

Our solution

  • Financially healthy global population

  • Responsible lending

  • Fast on-boarding process

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Your benefits

  • Smart customer conversion with 15% increase

  • Reduction in operational costs by 15%

  • Reduction in defaults up to 20%

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