Protect against risk in your customer base

Protect against credit risk in your customer base with early warnings on probability of default, vulnerability and churn

Psychographics and alternative data

With ProtectRobo lenders can improve their risk management by getting a continuous monitoring of their customer base. Think about default predictions or churn. It’s on an individual level so based on these early warnings a lender can take preventive actions with specific treatments which will reduce the risk in the customer base.

The predictions are based on the AI models on the AdviceRobo platform and can feed directly into the banks system through an API.


The AI driven risk prediction models are ready to use but can be tailored towards the specific Lender. This depends on the quality and quantity of the available customer behavioural data.
The models are developed following a strict procedure and will make optimal use of the available customer data at the lender. Also, Psychographics could be added to the models and so create a much richer customer profiling.

The quality of the AdviceRobo models will be measured with:

  • Accuracy

  • Precision

  • Recall

  • F1

Methodology – Approach

Methodology – Quality of model


  • Improvement of the quality of the portfolio

  • Lower default and churn rates

  • Continuous risk monitoring on individual level

  • Low cost SAAS solution

  • Completely automated process

  • Results available online 24/7



Psychographics to improve acceptance. Low-cost, fully automated solution based on a monthly licence

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Check your customers creditworthiness with CreditRobo – our psychographics based checker

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Using transactional data to profile your consumers and predict creditworthiness

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We can develop your very own bespoke RiskRobo to help solve your credit and customer marketing problems

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Our solution

  • Financially healthy global population

  • Responsible lending

  • Fast on-boarding process

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  • 2,000,000+ thin files scored

  • 15%+ increased sales

  • 20% Reduced default

  • 15%+ Operational efficiency

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