Human-centered AI to transform your lending to SMEs

Enhance your efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience with our Human Centric AI credit scoring solutions



Alternative data for better risk decisioning

Introducing our frontend plugin, designed to improve your real-time data collection process for precise customer risk assessments and profiling. This powerful tool harnesses our exclusive data to develop a detailed customer profile enriched with insights into Financial Attitudes, Skills, and Goals. Unlock the potential to predict key factors such as Ability to Pay, Willingness to Pay, and Financial Literacy, all within an automated workflow. Empower your business with smarter, sharper risk decision-making capabilities.


Cloud-based risk decisioning platform

Discover our platform, seamlessly integrated via API, crafted to automate your data collection and enhance risk decision-making. It features robust data pipelines that standardize and normalize incoming data, alongside pre-built champion models. With the flexibility to customize and deploy your own marketing and risk models, you can tailor scores and profiles to align with your risk appetite. Additionally, the use of synthetic data helps address data asymmetry, boosting your decision-making capabilities. Elevate your operations with our comprehensive, adaptable solution.

Great models metrics and compelling results

Our solutions for small business lenders consistently deliver exceptional outcomes. By utilizing our data and scorecards, clients achieve up to a 40% increase in loan acceptance rates. Additionally, they see a substantial 20% decrease in default rates, enabling them to build successful business cases. Our platform’s pre-built models also demonstrate outstanding metrics. We are enthusiastic about sharing specific details and demonstrating our impact in personal meetings.

24/7 dashboard to track applicants status

Discover real-time clarity with our dashboard, designed to display essential metrics at a glance. Track applicant statistics, funnel metrics, risk profiles, and scores—all updated live. Optimize your decision-making with streamlined, actionable insights right at your fingertips.

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