Intelligent alternative data solutions

Acquire and target efficiently new customers  and convert them into valuable customers.

AdviceRobo solutions


1 API connecting all 1st party data
Easy accessibility of alternative data

Proprietary 1st party data-cloud
Open Banking, psychometric, biometric and digital data
Financial identities

Personalize the monitoring and servicing of customers
Grow your customer value with personalised offering
Credit scoring

Alternative credit scoring
Acquire small businesses and low-middle income groups

Funnel metrics, score distribution and -data
Advanced analytics

Bespoke solutions
Specifically for your needs: Data analytics, AI scoring models, credit score cards


Cost effective

  • Ready platform

  • Newest technology such as AI and ML

  • Low tech touch implementation

Profitable growth

  • Proven uses cases of up to 40% accept increase

  • Manage risk level

  • Speed in digital onboarding


  • Volume based pricing

  • SaaS solution

  • Multi language ready (13 ready)

Increase efficiency

  • Fully automated credit decisioning

  • Focus collection on most risky valuable customers

  • Easier customer data access through 1 API

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