Financial personality profiles of consumers and SME’s

Know your customer’s financial personality for more effective marketing and risk decisioning



Financial behavioural profiling

The ready prefab credit scoring and profiling models provide deep insights in (new) customers’ financial behaviour for personalised marketing & product development, for more accurate risk decisioning and mitigation. The models use open data gathered during the online application process. Data sources may include Open banking data, Psychometric data, Digital footprint data.

Digital advice profiling

Our DCX model gives insights in which type of advice will fit a specific customer profile. Personalizing the advice channels will increase customers’ satisfaction, make your servicing more effective and drive operational efficiency.

Data collection tool

Ready frontend for seamless, automated (near) real time data collection for customer insights and profiling. It includes AdviceRobo’s proprietary data such as Psychometric and digital footprint data. The implementation is low tech with the JS plugin in any online onboarding process.


Our cloud-based platform, connected via API, collects open data derived from customers behaviour during onboarding, and other sources such as Open banking data. We run prefab champion models, build and deploy marketing and risk models, and provide scores and profiles for application within your risk appetite. Also you can build and deploy your own models, including the use of synthetic data to solve asymmetry.

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