AdviceRobo expanded its Sales team

Bruno Abrioux (42) works as sales representative to develop the Japanese and South East Asia markets. Since 12 years he lives and works in Japan and has extensive experience in this market. Bruno is founder and CEO of encognize. Giuseppe Di Carluccio (45) also started to work for AdviceRobo. He will develop new businesses in Europe with a focus on the Southern and Central European countries. Before, he worked as Sales Account Manager and Product Life Cycle Manager at tech companies including TomTom. Anita Koster (47) started as Sales & Channel Manager. She is responsible for expanding the AdviceRobo partner eco system and driving partner sales. She has a strong passion for people & technology. Worked as Enterprise Channel Manager and Partner Sales Executive at Microsoft.

AdviceRobo presented JACQ at FinovateEurope 2019

Last month, AdviceRobo presented JACQ, world’s first Psychographic Credit Scoring Robot at FinovateEurope 2019. Check the demo (7 min).

LendingUP! AdviceRobo on stage in Prague

LendingUP! is about the hottest trends in consumer and SME #credit. It will be held in Prague on 7th and 8th March 2019. CEO of AdviceRobo, Diederick van Thiel will be on stage and talk about AdviceRobo’s view on how instant credit scoring can support lending to young generations and to SMEs. Why not join us and visit this exclusive event and learn all about the developments in and future of consumer and SME lending? Check the full programme.

Press Release
AdviceRobo presents JACQ

Credit risk assessment innovator AdviceRobo demos at FinovateEurope 2019 its revolutionizing solution to assess credit quality by applying smart psychographic credit processing, artificial intelligence and the internet of things. JACQ is world’s first solution that integrates lifestyles, attitudes and beliefs of people and other behavioural data into smart credit software.

Read the Press release (13 February 2019)

FinovateEurope in London

AdviceRobo is excited to be one of 65+ fintech innovators demoing at FinovateEurope in London. Come and find AdviceRobo at Finovate 2019

Plug and Play

Some great articles by innovation platform Plug and Play on how Startups are changing Wealth Management, featuring AdviceRobo (8 January 2019): (1) 6 Startups That Will Shape the Future of Wealth Management, (2) How Artificial Intelligence is Killing the Wealth Manager and (3) Trends in Wealth Management That You Should Keep an Eye On

Plug and Play Japan

Plug and Play Japan has selected 59 startups from the list of 824 startups for Batch2. AdviceRobo is excited to be part of this Batch 2 acceleration program.

Assessing creditworthiness using psychometrics

Assessing creditworthiness of people making use of psychometrics. Diederick van Thiel, CEO of AdviceRobo, explains how Artificial Intelligence (AI) adds value. Read the full story in de Volkskrant (in Dutch, 17 November 2018)

London’s Fintech CEO of the Year

AdviceRobo CEO, Diederick van Thiel, is recognised as London’s Fintech CEO of the Year by UK based CEO Monthly Magazine. Diederick: “It’s all about creating and maintaining the right mindset to win! AdviceRobo’s culture inspires proactivity and future-centricity. We excel in speed and quality as innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. I’m grateful for this election, but the reward is for the great, great, great people I have the honour to work with.” Read the interview with Diederick van Thiel in CEO Monthly Magazine of October 2018. CEO Monthly is subscribed to by 60,000 leading CEOs from a vast array of industries around the globe (5 November 2018)

2018 Sprout Challenger50

AdviceRobo is selected for the 2018 Sprout Challenger50. This list comprises the 50 most challenging, innovative and fast growing companies of The Netherlands. Read the interview with Rosali Steenkamer, CCO en co-founder of AdviceRobo (in Dutch). This is the full list of ‘disrupters’ (10 October 2018)

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