The easy way to accept more customers

Too many low-risk customers are being rejected by lenders only using traditional data and therefore unable to assess the creditworthiness of these thin files. Using psychographic scoring, CreditRobo is the easy way to solve that problem.

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Psychographics and alternative data

Ideal for banks, finance companies or any business that lends money, CreditRobo is the next generation of checking creditworthiness.

CreditRobo looks at how customers operate financially, at their behaviours and reactions to money, to get a better, fully-formed picture of their creditworthiness.

The goal isn’t to approve untrustworthy customers. It’s to make sure that creditworthy customers with differing values, attitudes and experiences get the chance to borrow where they might not have in the past.

Our system is a fairer, more flexible way of looking at creditworthiness. CreditRobo reduces expenditure on your part through time management and capitalising on opportunities you might have missed out on.

CreditRobo questionnaire

CreditRobo measures the psychographic credit score of an applicant through an online questionnaire. The questionnaire is a completely white label JS plug in and can be easily installed and fully branded by the Lender in his onboarding process.

The CreditRobo questionnaire Is currently available in English, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Italian, French, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Sinhalese, Bengali, Ukrainian, Georgian, Romanian and Filipino (Tagalog).


CreditRobo comes with an online dashboard 24/7 that shows the results of the psychographic scoring of each of your applicants based on their customer ID. Get a free trail.


  • For businesses that lend money

  • Better informed credit decisions

  • Psychographic credit scoring

  • More approvals & stable risk level

  • Reductions in operational cost

  • Behavioural data analysis

  • A fairer way to assess creditworthiness

  • Easy implementation

  • Questionnaire available in >15 languages



Psychographics to improve acceptance. Low-cost, fully automated solution based on a monthly licence

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Using transactional data to profile your consumers and predict creditworthiness

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Protect against risk in your customer base

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We can develop your very own bespoke RiskRobo to help solve your credit and customer marketing problems

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Our solution

  • Financially healthy global population

  • Responsible lending

  • Fast on-boarding process

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  • 2,000,000+ thin files scored

  • 15%+ increased sales

  • 20% Reduced default

  • 15%+ Operational efficiency

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