Opening up new possibilities with PSD2

AdviceRobo offers lenders a brand-new Payment Services Directive 2 API for transactional data categorisation and default prediction

Creating innovations in payment transactions and better customer protection

The PSD2 is the new European law for the payment transactions of consumers and businesses and aims to increase competition in the EU banking market, to stimulate more innovations in payment transactions and to better protect customers. In most EU countries it has become effective, and banks are investigating and exploring the opportunities for improved payment and account information services.

FinTech AdviceRobo launches Europe’s first pan-European categorisation and default prediction API CatRobo that helps bank to use transactional data for advanced credit decision making.

PD based on transactional data

Psychographic profiles can be enriched by transactional data resulting in better predicting & shorter PCS.

Unique Profiling

Personas are created based on clusters we find in the transaction data to enable risk based pricing

Easy implementation

We run a machine learning model based on transactional data. Different formats from different banks are not a problem.

Shortens application & risk monitoring process

Manual checks on eg salary and mortgage / rent are history.


  • Categorises up to 70% of total amount of transactions of different banks

  • Provides categorizations of transactional data

  • Works with different inputs from different banks

  • Automatically profiles your consumers & predicts creditworthiness

  • Flags risks per consumer like gambling, charge backs, etc.

  • Profiles customers in risk clusters as input for risk based pricing

  • Shortens application & risk monitoring process

  • Predicts potential payments problems individually

  • Developed with KPMG

General application

Additional benefit for Dutch banks (delivering in different formats) is that the API automatically translates the different data formats banks work with. For other EU banks AdviceRobo can customize like this to the specific country within a couple of weeks.

How it works – Example personas

Based on the data, different clusters can be distinguished. These clusters have different risk levels. The clusters can be used for risk based pricing or to explain decisions regarding loans.

How it works – Process


Share transaction & demographic data

  • Anonymous csv files
  • Demographic data: Age, partner, mortgage, loan size, property owner
  • Duration of sync: Max 2 weeks

Clean and standardise

  • All banks in same format


  • Create additional attributes e.g. recurrence, day and time of payment


  • Rule based and non-rules based
  • IBAN/Keywords
  • Type of payment

Feature engineering

  • Risk attribute extraction

Risk modelling

  • Correlation testing
  • Machine learning
  • Persona creation

“It serves the need in credit risk management to get more grip on the quality of the customer base. This is a next step in creating a more financially healthy world.”

Diederick van Thiel, AdviceRobo CEO and co-founder

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