Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security statement

We at AdviceRobo are well aware of the sensitivity, security and privacy of the data we handle on a daily basis. Also, the fairness of the decisions that may be based on it have our attention constantly. As such we take great care in the tools and systems we use, the policies we follow, and the actions our employees take. This is never final, but requires constant attention, evaluation and updating. 

We have created documentation mapping out all our data handling, to be adapted to reality any time something changes, we have put in place adapted policies for all data storage and handling, and we continuously make ourselves and each other aware of the importance of following these policies. Also, we are in the process of adapting contracts and agreements with both clients and contractors.

As we work with machine learning on personal data and provide tools for lenders to make credit decisions we must ensure that all algorithms work in a fair way, and do not discriminate on any basis. This is a continuous process. Secondly, in accordance with the GDPR, we can explain our way of working and how we go from data to advice to our client.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to answer and address any concerns you may have.