Our aim

It’s all about people

Every day, 7 billion people around the globe are working to build their lives and businesses. 4.5 billion of them are underserved. These consumers and entrepreneurs have no access to lending whilst a substantial part of them is creditworthy.

We’re changing the lending process

Examples of underserved consumers might be millenials, expats and refugees – individuals who haven’t had time to build their credit profiles. Other examples could be self-employed people who have a growing order book but no scaled income, or start-up entrepreneurs who need money to innovate for future value creation.

This is an issue for specific customer segments in the western countries as well as in developing countries like Brazil, Russia, India or South East Asian nations, where many people don’t have the financial history to qualify for lending.

“The world is diverse. So why isn’t the credit rating system?”

Let’s make a change

We believe that the lending process applied by global lenders is outdated. The customer experience is too long, and consists of tedious questions analysed through a biased lender viewpoint. The customer’s credit history is the primary factor in deciding financial risk.

What AdviceRobo are changing

  • Global lending

  • Black and white credit rating systems

  • How people see responsible lending

  • The world’s financial health

Our solution

  • Risk assessment based on personality and behaviours

  • Psychometric data scoring

  • AI driven risk robots

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  • Fixing the finance world

  • Driven by responsible lending

  • A dedicated, passionate team

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