A fully automated tool giving you extra psychometric data to accept more applicants.

Lenders, do you need a quick way to grab quality data from your customers? MyCreditRobo is the easy way to get that extra bit of psychographic data that’ll get your thin-file applicants accepted in a responsible way.

Psychographics to improve acceptance. Low-price, based on a monthly licence.

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7 facts on MyCreditRobo Psychographic credit scoring



Proven Gini of Logistic regression stand alone model is up to 0.66 and lifts of up to +49% in customers’ Gini


Increase in acceptance (+15%), decrease in default (-20%) and operational efficiency (+15%) on average


Average time to fill out online test: 4 minutes


>80% completion rate of online test and >85% of respondents find questions clear and understandable


Solid measures in place to prevent gaming & manipulation. Distribution of scores at customers shows normal distribution over different risk categories


Thin file psychographic credit score is 1 – 1000. Applicant with score >640 has PoD of less than 0.36


Operational in various countries including Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, United Kingdom and The Netherlands, as well as outside Europe.

MyCreditRobo is a super easy to integrate online interview tool that generates pyschographic credit scores. Just plug in MyCreditRobo to your site, simply customise so it matches your brand and start generating psychographic credit scores today.

The tool is currently available in >15 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Italian, French, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Sinhalese, Bengali, Ukrainian, Georgian, Romanian and Filipino/Tagalog.

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You need to get more applicants over the line, but it’s not easy. Using psychographics will help to increase your customer base.
Here’s how MyCreditRobo helps:
  • Quick access to psychographic data to assess creditworthiness/for better assessment of creditworthiness
  • Simple, speedy integration with your system
  • A cost-effective solution to better acceptance rates
  • Effective Risk Control

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You get 20 psychographic scores for free when you sign up. Once you’re happy with us, it’s a €500 monthly fee which you can cancel at any time.


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MyCreditRobo is super easy to work with. We integrate straight into your website, and you can customise how our automated tool looks so it fits fully with your brand. Check the benefits!



Still not sure how MyCreditRobo works? Here are some frequently asked questions that might help.

What is CreditRobo Psychographic Credit Scoring?

The basis of the psychographic credit scoring is in the gathering of non-financial behavioural data with psychographic testing. CreditRobo Psychographic Credit Scoring is about your customers behaviour, lifestyle and attitudes when it comes to financial decisioning.

The AdviceRobo proprietary Psychographic Credit Score turns customers behavioural non-financial data into highly predictive risk scores on payment behaviour. The Psychographic Credit Scoring especially offers deep insights into the creditworthiness of (thin file) borrowers – including students, migrants, self-employed, SME’s, gig workers, millennials and GenZ – applying for any credit.

What is the added value of CreditRobo Psychographic Credit Scoring?

The AdviceRobo proprietary Psychographic Credit Score:

  1. Adds non-financial data to assess creditworthiness, because it is about the willingness to pay back (besides the ability);
  2. Improves the quality of your credit decisioning by an objective measure;
  3. Improves your business by responsibly accepting new customer segments like thin files.

Making use of the CreditRobo score in the credit decisioning process, will increase acceptance, decrease defaults and financially include.

How about the risk metrics of CreditRobo Psychographic Credit Scoring?

The AdviceRobo model is psychological statistical model, which it has been developing in close cooperation with Cambridge University. The model is based on borrowers’ motivations, personality traits, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles.

AdviceRobo developed, tested and validated its psychographic risk scoring model based on 2 million borrowers from multiple lenders across several countries throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Most important risk metric is the Gini coefficient. In credit risk it is commonly used to evaluate the performance of the model. Gini assesses the accuracy of a prediction around whether a loan applicant will repay or default.

The proven Gini of the CreditRobo Logistic regression model is up to 0.66. With this, the AdviceRobo solution is the Best-in-class thin-file risk scoring solution. With our customers we have shown lifts of up to +49% in customers’ Gini’s.

On request, we will provide other risk metrics e.g. Confusion matrix, Precision, Recall, F1 or Accuracy.

What does the MyCreditRobo score look like? And how do you interpret the score?

The model predicts the probability of arrears and provides an overall score between 1 and 1000. The higher the overall score, the lower the probability this person will have arrears.

On the overall score, you define your own cut off point and decide, based on your risk policies and risk appetite, what the cut off point for accept/reject is. Based on AdviceRobo experience, we can advise you on the thresholds to be used.

On top of the score, MyCreditRobo provides a more granular psychographic profile based on 7 pillars: Delay of gratification, Financial skills, Materialism, Confidence, Reasoning, Debt attitude and Social desirability. All (normalised) sub scores are also in the range 1 to 1000. Again: the higher, the better.

How do I get my scores? What is provided in the dashboard?

You receive a login for an online dashboard with (1) the overall scores; (2) the sub scores on the psychographic pillars; and, (3) statistics on the funnel throughput and score distribution.

Scores and sub scores are shown on applicant level.

More on the dashboard:

  • In the funnel you can check how the applicants go through the funnel as they fill in the questionnaire. How many questionnaires were created? How many applicants really started the questionnaire? How many people did answer all questions and are actually scored?
  • In the score distribution section, you can examine the distribution in the scores. You can sort ascending or descending p. column. This is what we provide:
    • The applicantID (provided by you), the version and the language of the questionnaire you use and a time stamp on the date the questionnaire was completed
    • Overall score (Psychographic Credit Score – PCS total)
    • Sub scores on 7 pillars (e.g. Gratification, Materialism). This shows a granular psychographic profile where the higher the sub score, the better
    • An alert is given in case a specific applicant went through the questionnaire at such a fast pace that it is highly unlikely he/she truly read the questions. Because the questionnaire is filled out completely, we calculate and provide the scores in the dashboard. It is good to know that these scores may not represent the creditworthiness of the applicant accurately; he may simply have randomly selected lucky answers.

The dashboard is 24/7 available with real time information and is included in the service. In every section you can easily adjust the data range you want to deep dive in. The scores are downloadable as a csv file for further analysis.

In a short video (3.50 min) we provide some guidance on the features of the dashboard that will give deeper insights in your applicants’ psychographic score and their profile. Also, we show how to use the statistics on the funnel throughput and score distribution in your base.

How long does the online interview take?

On average, people require 4 minutes to complete the online interview. The current interview consists of 20 questions.

How many people complete the online interview from beginning to end?

About 60-90%, depending on the targeted group. On average the completion rate is 80%.

Over 85% of respondents find the questions in the interview clear and understandable.

Can an applicant answer the online interview twice?

A person gets a unique Customer ID and cannot fill out the same online interview twice.

What happens if an applicant stops without finishing and wants to restart?

The applicant can fill out the questions only once. If one quits the interview without finishing or even switching of the device, he will be redirected to the next specific question once he starts the interview again.

Which languages are available in the MyCreditRobo online interview?

The tool is currently available in >15 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Italian, French, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Sinhalese, Bengali, Ukrainian, Georgian, Romanian and Filipino/Tagalog. More to follow…

Feel free to contact us if your preferred language is not in the list.

How does AdviceRobo deal with privacy and GDPR?

Privacy is AdviceRobo’s highest priority. Our product development is based on ‘privacy by design’. The psychographic credit scoring solution works with anonymized data to avoid data breaches. Please check our Privacy & Security Statement

How does AdviceRobo secure customer data?

Data protection is the top priority for AdviceRobo. MyCreditRobo is a stand-alone product to risk score new or thin-file borrowers. The solution works on anonymized customer data.

How long does the technical integration take?

We provide full API documentation on how to implement the AdviceRobo API and JavaScript plug in in your online loan application process. Based on our experience, it takes about 4-8 hours for a skilled web developer to complete and test the technical integration. Of course, we can support if needed.

How about the technical quality of the AdviceRobo Platform?

The technical quality of the Platform is measured by SIG ( and AdviceRobo was granted with a Maintainability score of a solid 4,1 stars out of 5 (August 2019). The SIG approach and methodology is fact based. The approach is based on ISO IEC 25010 for good software development. Her benchmarking is certified by TÜViT ISO IEC 17025 and calibrated yearly.

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