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The Problem with Global Finance

Around the world, the current onboarding process for new customers is slow, old-fashioned and ineffective. It relies on credit histories and doesn’t take into account other factors that might make a borrower eligible for credit. This has created a financially unhealthy global population.

Psychographic Processing uses behavioural, attitudinal and personal information to create more accurate financial profiles.

The Psychographic Solution

The AdviceRobo solution to this global problem is Psychographic processing. Using our questionnaire, we look at borrowers’ personality and behaviours, rather than relying only on credit histories. This gives a more rounded, accurate indication of an applicants trustworthiness.

Our risk robot JACQ  gathers data from potentially unlimited data sources and applies AI to accelerate our clients’ acquisition process – allowing them to immediately fulfil loans.

The Results

  • 1,000,000+ thin files scored

  • 15%+ increased sales

  • 20% reduced default

"Our clients have seen 15%+ increased sales through using AdviceRobo.”

Unlocking sales

Since 2015, we’ve scored over 1,000,000 thin files. This has created an increase of over 15% for our clients’ sales. In other words, we’ve unlocked a whole section of their customer base that they didn’t have access to before.

Fighting default

One of our aims is improving global financial health. A measure for this is looking at whether we’ve reduced numbers of defaults. Our results show that we’ve reduced default in our clients’ thin-file applicants by 20% – better for the world and better for our clients.

Who uses our solutions? Our clients are lenders that offer any type of credit - from loans to credit cards and mortgages.

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  • Responsible lending

  • Fast on-boarding process

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